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  • Buying the perfect bath

    If you have a bath which you are unhappy with then maybe it is time to start afresh and replace it with a new bath design which is more suitable.

    One of the main considerations is the functionality of the bath. First of all what do you want from the bath? Do you want to have jets for a spa like feel or more of a traditional claw foot bath to suit your older property. Baths can be made in various materials including steel and acrylic. Acrylic baths will be cheaper to buy as they are mass produced where as the steel baths have more heat retaining properties so some people prefer this. Acrylic baths are also more lightweight which many installers do prefer for ease of installation. Last of all consider the specifications including the width, length and depth of the bath. Consider the location of the pipe work and tap holes.

    Whirlpool and airspa baths are becoming more popular due to the demands of people wanting to relax at the end of a hard days work. Whirlpool baths are fantastic for locating a certain area of the body such as shoulders, upper back and legs to relieve tension and allow for comfortable massage experience. Airspa baths offer more of a overall body massage which is more sensitive and gentle. The airspa holes will be in the bottom of the bath and let in air offering a soothing soak.

    Whirlpool Baths

    You will find that baths come in two distinctive designs both single and double ended bath designs. Single ended means that the bath taps will be situated at one end meaning that you can lie at only one side. A double ended bath has two sides which allow you to choose which side you wish to lay and is perfect for two bathers to enjoy the same bath time together.

    Corner baths are ideal to use in smaller bathroom spaces. The corner installation means that it takes up less floor space but gives you a comfortable bathing space to enjoy so you still get the best of both worlds.

    When buying a bath never forget the additional items that may be required such as the bath wastes, bath panels and bath taps.

  • See clearly in your bathroom

    When shopping for a suitable bathroom mirror there are many design that you can choose from.

    Magnifying Mirrors:
    If you want an upfront and close up perspective on your face then a magnifying mirror is the one for you.  The mirrors can offer up to three times the magnification meaning you can focus in depth on whichever body part you wish too. These mirrors are usually smaller so fit in perfectly above a basin. Multi positional arms allow you to extend the mirrors

    Steam Free Mirrors:
    Ideal for a bathroom the steam free mirrors will keep clear at all times. This means no more steaming up when you shower allowing for perfect visibility every time. Steam free mirrors are a favourite in bathroom designs as a result of their moist atmospheres.

    LED Mirrors:
    LED mirrors are ideal when wanting to highlight your reflection when looking at the mirror especially in a darkened area of the bathroom. It will also lighten up the space as well as creating a modern mirror feature for any bland wall in the bathroom. Although they have led lights they are commonly low energy bulbs resulting in less expense on bills and also making them a greener option for your bathroom.

    Mirrored bathroom cabinets:
    As bathrooms are commonly the smaller room of the home integrated storage with a bathroom mirror is always a bonus. Shelving is hidden behind the mirror either behind a sliding or hinged design. This idea allows you to de clutter your bathroom by discreetly hiding the toiletries. Mirrored cabinets are available in a large range of sizes and designs to suit your personal preferences.

    The traditional bathroom mirror was placed above the washbasin although this may be the most practical in many cases bathroom mirrors are being used on alternative walls. Bathroom mirrors are no longer just a practical element but they also create a distinctive feature for any bathroom wall.

  • Traditional bathroom taps make a comeback

    Timeless traditional bathroom taps are back and ready to make a massive comeback. The luxurious style that these taps emit will add detail and interest to any space. Intricate and delicate design will add to any period bathroom design.

    The traditional style covers revolutionary technology beneath, used to operate these taps to the best of their ability. The chrome finishes and timeless spoke handles create a more Victorian appeal which again looks great in both a traditional and modern bathroom design. Lever style handles are also becoming more popular on these traditional taps which make them easier to operate even with wet hands.

    The traditional taps look at home alongside roll top baths and classical basins with full pedestals. Many period homes benefit from keeping a more timeless look rather than a modernised bathroom design. A more classical look in any home can give a room more history and homely style allowing you to completely relax in the comfort of your home. Modern basins tend to come with a one tap hole design, although when looking for a more traditional basin often people want two tap holes as an alternative. The two basin tap look is a lot more classical and the manufacturers make many dual tap designs to suit this.

    Bath shower mixers on freestanding legs will give a real boudoir feel to any bathroom design. You will have to ensure that the bath shower mixer will work with the legs as they are limited to certain tap designs, always check this beforehand. Never underestimate the importance of your bathroom taps and the significant role they play in completing the look of the final design.

    Many people think traditional bathroom taps are all the same well this simply isn’t the case they have ranges just like modern bathroom taps. Remember to not only match both your basin and bath taps but your shower as well; this will result in the same timeless theme carried through the whole bathroom design.

    traditional bathroom suite

  • Striving to make showering safer

    One of the largest shower tray manufacturers Just Trays have introduced a range of anti slip trays to the market. Recently released into the market these trays will aid the prevention of any slips or falls whilst showering.

    The anti slip solution is a factory applied treatment added to the shower tray when it is made here in the UK factory based in Leeds. It is a colourless application which gives the tray a premium look as a result of advanced technology. The anti slip has been created to help minimise any slips and accidental falls. The anti slip solution is independently tested and is available on all of their collections of trays.

    Shower trays which have the anti slip treatment give people more reassurance when purchasing especially if people are not too stable on their feet. If you already have a shower tray but want it to be more of an anti slip base then the manufacturers also do what they call JTGRIP. These are round self adhesive discs which can be placed on the bottom of your tray or even your bath. They beauty about these clever discs is that they can be removed without leaving any unsightly marks.

  • A guide to successful shower enclosure buying

    The initial stage to any new shower enclosure is the size of your bathroom and the amount of space you have to work with. The floor area must be marked on the plan as well as the height of the walls. Make sure you consider the windows and any doors which may affect the installation.

    Many bathrooms benefit from standard square and rectangle shower enclosures with a choice of shower door designs. Inward opening doors such as bifold shower doors are great options for smaller or ensuite bathroom designs. Many modern shower enclosures offer a more contemporary feel gone are the traditional bulky frames and replaced with streamline profiles or semi frameless designs these are commonly seen on most hinged shower enclosures.

    If you have the space then why not consider a walk in shower option or a wet room. Walk in showers are more flexible as you can choose from a range of sizes and designs. The beauty about walk in showers is that you can create your very own bespoke showering space at a size to suit the space available. The frameless glass panels teamed with low level shower trays create the “wow” factor for any bathroom space.

    Due to the variety of bathroom sizes there are many options of shower doors and side panels to choose from on the market. The most common frame colour finish is chrome to match in with modern bathroom accessories and showers. The other option would be a classic white frame finish which some people do prefer to match a white bathroom suite making it more versatile.

    A stone resin shower tray is always advised to go with the shower enclosures as there is no flex or movement if installed correctly. The stone trays are extremely strong so this makes them capable of withstanding a large amount of weight. Again the shower trays are made in a vast amount of sizes to suit your shower enclosures.

  • Hot V Cold Showers

    How do you like your shower? Do you prefer a cold short shower or a hot shower to warm you up at the end of the day?

    Hot showers are the most common in the UK maybe this is a result of our cold weather for most of the year to warm us up first thing in the morning. A hot shower is great for aching muscles as well making it great after a workout. A fixed shower head above your head will create a soothing effect on top of the head helping to relieve any tension or headache. If you are suffering from cold or flu at the moment a hot shower will benefit you as it creates hot steam. This will then help unblock your nose and acts as a natural decongestant.

    So why is it that some prefer cold showers? A short burst of cold water in the shower can help to liven up the mind and body. Cold water is suggested to be better for your hair and complexion. Cold showers are said to relieve depression as well. A cold shower is said to send impulses to the brain which is rumoured to create an anti depressant effect on the individual showering.

    The two main showers found in bathrooms are the electric and mixer showers. Both of these showers can provide a powerful and rejuvenating showering experience. The type of shower which is installed depends greatly on the installation within the bathroom.

    So here are a few pros to think about next time you take a shower and how your shower can benefit you.

  • Spring / Summer bathroom design trends

    It is that time of the year again in which the weather starts to get warmer, the sun starts to shine and DIY begins in homes across the UK. The bathroom is one area in which is commonly neglected over many years however small changes can make all the difference when updating the bathroom.

    If you are sticking within a budget then giving the bathroom an uplift can be simple using bold and colourful accessories will instantly cheer up the bathroom design. Feature walls can also be used in bathroom designs to highlight a certain area in the bathroom you can do this using paint or wet wall panelling as an alternative to bathroom tiles.

    Crisp white bathroom suites and earthy tones in the bathroom have been brought from last year still trending in the bathroom design of 2013. Walk in showers are still proving to be popular choices to lighten and to aid easy access into the showering area.  Clear glass panels teamed with low profile trays create a contemporary space suitable for any bathroom design.

    Stylish bathroom furniture in all styles and colours is remaining a key part of any busy bathroom. Gloss white finishes also enlighten any smaller bathroom bringing both storage and light into the key areas of the bathroom. Soft closing drawers and cupboards enable you to keep a luxurious feel in the bathroom with additional storage for all of the extra bits in the bathroom.

  • Chemical-free bathroom cleaning tips

    Many bathroom cleaning products are made with powerful chemicals that are damaging to the environment, harsh on surfaces, and remain in trace amounts on tiles and bathroom suites.

    There are greener ways to clean your bathroom that can achieve superb results using a few basic household ingredients such as white vinegar, hand soap and baking soda. Vinegar kills mould and mildew and the lightly abrasive properties of baking soda means it is a gentle but effective scrub. The acidic small of vinegar can be neutralised by adding a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or tea tree to homemade cleaning solutions.

    Chemical free cleaning

    Many people are sensitive to the effects of strong chemicals which can cause health problems, including dry and itchy skin and respiratory illnesses.

    There are many pre-made, eco-friendly cleaning products available in shops and supermarkets so it is easy to choose a chemical-free alternative to bleach and bathroom sprays. Alternatively, you can make your own cleaning solutions and here are some tips for a sparkling finish in your bathroom:

    Bathroom suite

    • Mix 100ml vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda and pour this down the toilet as a non-bleach cleaning alternative. Just leave it to rest for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing with a brush as normal.

    • Soap scum on the bath, sink basin and sink basin can be shifted easily by mixing baking soda and hand soap and rubbing it on with a soft cloth. The baking soda is abrasive and lifts rings and stubborn stains on the bathroom suite, before rinsing off easily with water.

    Tiles and glass

    • Baking soda and soap also work well on discoloured tile grout. Apply to the problem areas with an old toothbrush, leave for a few minutes, and rinse off with water.

    • A solution of one part vinegar and two parts water makes an excellent bathroom spray to clean mirrors, glass shower doors and shower screens, and to use on tiles. It can prevent the build-up of mould and mildew and can also be used for surface cleaning the bathroom suite.

    Taps and accessories

    • A weak vinegar solution and a soft, absorbent cloth can achieve an excellent shine on both chrome and brass bathroom fixtures including taps, shower valves and shower heads. To remove lime scale build ups, make the solution slightly stronger.

    Homemade solutions are excellent on most bathroom surfaces including tiles, bathroom suites and showers, and glass and mirrors. Chemicals are not necessary for a sparkling clean bathroom so, if you are concerned about the environment or experiencing sensitivity to harsh cleaning solutions, then making your own is a cheap and highly effective alternative.

  • How to make your bathroom more spacious

    In modern homes, space is often at a premium but it is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

    Nobody can unwind in cramped, cluttered surroundings so, if you are planning to update your bathroom, it is worth thinking about how you can open out the space you have. This is easy to do in a larger bathroom, but even compact bathroom spaces can be designed to feel more open and less confined.

    Here are a few ideas for creating space in your bathroom:


    This ultra-modern design style uses simple, clean lines and unfussy design to create a bathroom that looks basic but is high performance. This will not suit people with more traditional taste but the contemporary look is ideal for wet rooms and small bathroom spaces.

    Shower enclosure


    • Baths take up a lot of room and use a lot of water and energy. Some people cannot live without them but an easy way to create bathroom space is to take them out and install a shower enclosure.

    • Shower enclosures take up less space and can be built to bespoke specifications from the shower itself, to the glass doors, to the shower tray.

    • Clear glass shower doors or bath screens will create space and bi-fold designs can be moved out of the way when not in use.

    Bathroom suite


    • Smaller bathroom suites are available which offer compact sinks and toilets and a slim line or corner bath so you get a full range of bathroom products that take up less space.

    • Bathroom heating, such as towel rails and radiators, are also available in space saving designs.

    • Wall mounted bathroom suites are a perfect way to create space in any bathroom as they are plumbed into the wall and have no base or pedestal, opening up the visible floor space and making the room look and feel much bigger.


    Bathroom furniture such as a cupboard or vanity unit, creates space by providing a home for toiletries, cleaning products and other items that clutter up surfaces, baths and showers. There is a full range of styles, designs and sizes to fit all bathroom shapes and budgets.

    A mirrored cabinet over the sink will add an extra dimension of space as mirrors add depth to the room and bounce around natural and synthetic light.



    • Always choose a white bathroom suite and light colours for your walls, tiles and floor. Large tiles on the walls and floor can make the room appear larger

    • Lighting is another easy way to make the room light and airy. Use dimmer switch so you can change the mood – bright lights for early mornings and toned down for relaxation.

    Whether you have a large bathroom or a more compact room, creating a feeling of space will make the room seem lighter and will create a more relaxing atmosphere. There are lots of clever ways to create space from a careful colour scheme, to selecting a bathroom suite that uses the space you have more efficiently.  Whatever your personal taste, a clean, clutter free bathroom is easy to achieve and will feel like an improvement to your home.

  • Designing a safe bathroom

    In a busy household, the occasional accident is hard to avoid and the bathroom is often the scene of the crime.

    Children and older family members are the most at risk from accidents in the bathroom but there can also be problems for people with impaired mobility and even the odd freak occurrence.

    The most common accidents in the bathroom are caused by falls and burns. It is the only room in the house that combines hot water, moisture and steam with slippery but hard surfaces such as tiles, ceramic bathroom suites, shower trays and acrylic baths.

    Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to make the bathroom a safe, relaxing and functional space for everyone.

    How to avoid falls

    Falls in the bathroom hurt and can lead to serious injury if you bang your head on a hard tiled wall or even fall into a glass shower door or bath screen.

    Slippery surfaces are impossible to avoid in a bathroom so the trick is to take measures to ensure they are as safe as possible such as:

    • Rubber backed non-slip mats in the shower tray or bath and on the floor for when you step out
    • Install a safety rail in the shower enclosure so people can steady themselves when stepping in and out
    • A walk-in shower or wet room will remove the need to climb in or out of the shower and can be fitted with a fold away shower seat if necessary
    • An extractor fan or open window will clear steam quickly to dry slippery surfaces

    How to avoid burns

    Hot water can be dangerous, particularly for children and babies who have delicate skin but accidents can also happen due to stiff or old shower valves or tap faucets.

    • Change the taps and shower valves to ones with thermostatic controls. These prevent burns by limiting the temperature of the water that comes out of the taps, and they are more energy efficient
    • Lever tap mechanisms are easier to use than twist facets for people with poor hand mobility and offer better control over the flow rate and temperature
    • Water and electricity are a dangerous combination so do not use radios, razors or any other equipment that has not been specially adapted for bathroom use

    If you are planning to update your bathroom think about who is using it and how it can be stylish and functional as well as being safe. Just making a few small changes will make a big difference to bathroom safety and make it safe, relaxing and comfortable for all the family to use..

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